How To Install Microloop Hair Extensions


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Happy 4th of July!

It’s 238th Independence Day of United States of America! Happy 4th of July to all Americans celebrating their FREEDOM!

It’s finally another holiday in US my husband is waiting. Since he transfered to a US company, he is now enjoying the very few holidays he could get with pay. Yes very few, unlike in our country with so many holidays that is why it’s very precious to him. Well for me and the kids too for we can do some family time. Tomorrow is teh holiday and we are planning to just go biking in the park, probably swimming after, then dinner with friends and watch fireworks in the park at night. There are so many activities we can do but so far, that is what we’re planning to do. Aside from the activities I mentioned, shopping is also one of the things people are doing during this holiday, Why not, if most of the shopping centers are offering huge discounts in fashionable clothes, shoes and so many more! But I know husband is going to say NO so I didn’t suggest it anymore and just enjoy the FREE actives for now. ;)


Happy 4th of JULY!! and Enjoy your holiday everyone!!!


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How to Know if Forex Suits You

Business is definitely a good solution to financial problems. With its flow of earning especially if the field one is taking up is in demand, things would definitely change those individuals’ negative thoughts about it.

Not all business industries give off advantages. Some of these have negatives too. However, from time to time, it varies on how the person runs it. Thus, before investing for a particular business, make sure to know if it suits you and if you are capable to manage such.

There are various businesses available today and are ready to be invested. But before getting one, it is really necessary to at least conduct a research. This is to know if you can handle a certain business well and accordingly. In this way, you can really get the best one for you to start up then.

Forex trading is one among the businesses that are very in demand today. Despite of the fact that there are negative issues thrown into this industry, there are still individuals investing into it.

To know if forex suits you, the following will tell you to grab it or not.

  • Comfortable with Numbers

  • Have Knowledge about (Simple) Trading
  • If you are good at trading or somehow have a knowledge on how simple trading works, you could easily adapt how the industry of forex then.

  • Eager to Earn
  • Earning today may be difficult. Thus, we find ways on how to earn regardless of how hard it is to make it happen. But with forex, the research of it ends. Longing to earn at this industry is very much easy compare to other sidelines available. Earning at it is very simple as trading is done in simpler way as well. Hence, one can really rely in terms of earning yet, should be aware as well of the risk too though.

  • Ready to Learn and has an Interest in the Field
  • Like any other businesses, it is also important to learn forex trading. This is to really guide you to getting success in the field. If you’re really that interested in the said business, one must also show an interest as well in learning more about the field. This is to protect one’s account from failing.

Apart from the other factors mentioned above, the willingness as well is also important. Success is aimed if done with it and so as with interest. These don’t just apply to know if one is suitable to forex but also in other industries. Hence, before pursuing into a particular business, always make sure if you have these qualities in order to get succeed in the field you will be taking in the future.   

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Musician Wannabe

My husband’s interests are few, and I can count these on both hands. However, if I were to recite these off the top of my head, I would probably give the following answers: gadgets, cars, movies, and music. We’re the type of people who love to sing even if we know we’re not as gifted as other people in that particular area are. Nevertheless, we love music, and my husband even tries his hand on music mixing in most days. He even plans to buy rane mixers, so he could mix music professionally (that’s his exact words). I don’t know about that, but if it’s what he wants, I’m sure he’ll do everything to get that.

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Music for Me

Music refreshes everyone’s mind especially if a person experiences a stressful day. Music comes in different forms, it can be through vocal and in the other hand, it is being produced using classified organs such as guitar, piano, and so much more.
I so love listening to music, but what I really love the most- to learn on how to play guitar. Actually I’ve been an avid fan of acoustic bands especially when they sing using only guitar for their music. It is really indeed impressive. Though I have my kids already with me, I’m still dying to learn on how to use guitar yet I guess this field never been meant to me. I just can’t deny the fact that I’m envy on how my cousin plays his guitar. Well, he told me that Mel Bay Books help him a lot of making it possible and I thought that maybe I still have a chance to make it, who knows?
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Guitar for Rock Stars

Ever seen a rock star who doesn’t own a statement guitar like B.C. Rich? I haven’t seen one but those electric guitars are so eye catching. It makes the guitarist own the stage, it’s very edgy and fierce for a guitarist to use a guitar like this is jaw dropping. It is like “wow he is super awesome” or if it is like Lindsay Lohan in the movie Freaky Friday; it’s refreshing because a woman can play a guitar that good. See? Men and women are equal in so many ways unlike before that guitar is only for men. The modernization made changes in the society.

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How Songs Become Music to Our Ears

I guess I can say that I’m a frustrated singer. I think each and every one of us has that in us, the desire to be able to belt out songs and hit the high notes effortlessly. Unfortunately, not all of us have the gift of music, voice and singing. There are plenty of great singers out there and although I really admire them and look up to them, I have to admit that I am more in awe of the musical and technical geniuses who work behind the scenes.

A singer wouldn’t be able to perform his job well if he doesn’t have a song to sing so credit goes to the lyricist and the one who created the melody of the song. However even after the words and music are complete there are other aspects that need to be taken care of and one of them audio mastering which is one of the most important steps in audio engineering. In this step, each song is given the final touches needed before it can be released to the public. That is why songs literally become music to our ears.

You’ll be amazed to know that even music mastering services are now available online. So now, not only can you mix audio over the Internet, but you can also apply the finishing touches to a song without the need to be in an actual recording studio.

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First Day of Shool!

Classes has started! My children had their first day of school yesterday and they did awesome!  They woke up early in the morning, heard no complains and they look very excited! I am so happy that it went well! First day is not usually like this when it happens.  I am expecting a chaos and a very exhausting morning! Imagine I woke up so early to accommodate two students and one office guy at home :D It was a fun day but we are all got tired!

Finally we are starting the real life. Soon when I am going to work, I can imagine how worst it will gonna be! But I am so willing to embrace everything that is happening to our life. We will soon get used to it I am so sure!

School requirements are all set, now our next mission is to look for an affordable HEALTH CARD thatt includes a Dentist and a Orthodontist within the package. It is hard to Find A Dentist nowadays so I wanna make sure that it has to be in the package. After this, I will just have to wait for my work permit and it’s time to roll!

Goodluck with us!

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Personalized Frames

Personalized bed frames are perfect ideas especially if you have your own style to make and so on. In this way, you can get what designs you desire for your bed frame.
There are services offered for personalized bed frames such as cnc tube bending service. Thus, for those who are planning to request for a personalized bed frames can now finally get what they want.
Meanwhile, there are other personalized frames serviced by such companies. With that, those who are requesting for tube bending services for particular product you want to have, it’s possible now to make it come true and for sure it’s affordable compare before.
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Product Quality especially in Musical Instruments

Quality plays a big role in products’ industry. That is simply because it is one of the factors why we prefer to buy a particular brand of product.
It is really important for a product to have quality that is to keep the customers to stay loyal and satisfied. Same goes in buying musical instruments and such stuff. Since buying such things is quite expensive, it’s really important that each of instruments and other things related to this field must come with high quality such as electro harmonix has for their customers. With that, before buying any particular musical instrument… always make sure to check its quality. In this way, you can’t just enjoy playing it literally but as well enjoy in saving money too!
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